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Mountain Leader

Rock Climbing Instructor

 Outdoor Educator

Expedition Leader
Wilderness First Responder

I've been teaching in Outdoor Education and leading expeditions around the world for the past 10 years. I now offer expert tuition in outdoor instruction, mountain leadership and expedition skills.


I take adventuring seriously, and thrive on educating others on the best practices around. My goal, now more than ever, is to connect more people with the outdoors and cultivate meaningful experiences for people through the mountains. 

Resting at the Loch, Scotland


I teach climbing because I love it. Throughout my personal and professional life, climbing has been an incredible tool for me to connect nature, self and others. It has shaped who I am today and has been fundamental in my development as an instructor/teacher/human person. I enjoy the challenge of the goals I set myself in climbing that I pursue in my own time, for fun. I've been teaching people to climb for many years, in some really inspiring environments, exploring the many different disciplines along the way.

Trad - Sport - Bouldering - Aid. The opportunity for growth is pretty infinite.....

Climbing on Leaning Tower, Yosemite



I've always been drawn to the educational side of the Outdoor Industry - the teaching. The diversity of working environments in the Outdoor Industry is incredible. Teaching skills that enables and empowers people to do really inspiring things. Facilitating these experiences is a joy to do and I owe a lot to the institutions that have shaped my development as an instructor. Mountain Training, Outward Bound, private, public and college education, as well as non-profits, outdoor providers and small guiding companies have all contributed to my growth as an educator. 

Six Shooter, High Sierra

I take pride in leading journeys and I believe in making adventures accessible to all. My goal now is to connect more people with the outdoors and cultivate meaningful experiences in the mountains. My trips are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to people from all backgrounds. 

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